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Sophisticated planning for successful individuals and families.

Our Story and Services

Advice beyond your investment portfolio.

At The Biederman Group, we aim to provide personalized strategies to help you negotiate life’s transitions and navigate today’s complex financial markets. Our coordinated wealth management strategies go far beyond investing to encompass every aspect of your financial life:

•  Growth
Our discretionary investment management approach features carefully selected third party managers with records of superior performance in bull, bear and neutral markets. As a Certified Investment Management® Analyst (CIMA®), Dan Biederman, Senior Vice President, Senior Investment Management Consultant and the team’s founder, is well qualified to help you develop a strategy that meets your specific objectives, timeframe and risk tolerance.

•  Income
Investment strategies change as you approach retirement. Asset accumulation may still be important, but perhaps not so much as income generation. We help you quantify anticipated expenses, plan for unanticipated ones and invest your assets seeking to generate income that sees you through your retirement years. 

•  Transfer
We work closely with your attorney and accountant to help create and implement an estate plan strategy that seeks to eliminate excessive taxation, while minimizing family turmoil. For many of our clients, we confer with children and other beneficiaries to set expectations and educate them on the responsibilities their inheritance will someday require.

The Biederman Group at Morgan Stanley can help make a difference in your financial life, while seeking to secure the futures of your children and grandchildren. We take pride in the depth and longevity of our client relationships and the fact that so many of them extend from generation to generation.

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For Life

As a Biederman Group client, you gain access to a wide range of wealth management services that go far beyond your investment portfolio. These include:

Estate Planning Strategies and Trusts

Through the judicious use of trusts, beneficiary designation and lifetime giving programs, you can increase gifts to charitable organizations, reduce turmoil and family rifts, and provide for heirs who may not have the experience or inclination to manage assets.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re entering your prime earning years or wondering if you can really afford to retire as planned, we can help you proceed with confidence to the future you envision for yourself.

Access to Lending Services

With a variety of mortgage products, lines of credit and other lending programs, Morgan Stanley can help you obtain the financing you need to buy, build or remodel a home. With commercial lending capabilities, we seek to provide business owners with the ability to finance property purchases or refinance existing loans at more attractive terms. Finally, our securities-based lending capabilities can help you raise cash and generate cash flow without liquidating securities positions and incurring tax liability.

Family Office Services

With Morgan Stanley’s extensive expertise in this area, the strategy we develop together can address such concerns as:
    - Maintaining family unity across generations by focusing on family mission, governance and family endowments
    - Determining how to support favorite charities in the most beneficial way possible 
    - Establishing and managing trusts without assuming responsibility for managing financial and non-financial assets

Business Services

Your revenues are cyclical but your overhead is a constant. You have the opportunity to replenish inventory at rock bottom terms, but you’re strapped for cash. You’re concerned about what happens to your business after you retire.
We serve successful business owners with solutions that range from cash management and access to lending capabilities to retirement and business succession planning.


Life insurance may help your family maintain its lifestyle or pay estate taxes without having to liquidate real estate or other assets under duress. We work with a number of providers to offer you the coverage that best meets your needs at the most favorable terms possible.

Education Funding

The high cost of higher education has been well documented, but fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available to help you meet the challenge. The earlier you begin planning, however, the more successful you’re likely to be. We can help you determine how much you’ll have to save and whether such vehicles as Education Savings Accounts and 529 College Savings Plans might have a place in your child’s future.

Financial Planning

Investments may be a major component of your overall finances, but they should not be your only focus. We help clients create comprehensive financial plans that offer strategies for leaving a legacy, educating a grandchild, financing major acquisitions, reducing debt and managing liabilities. Importantly, these strategies are designed to work in concert, not at odds, with each other as your pursue your most important goals.
We’ve selected the following articles on the planning process because we believe they will provide you with important insights on the value of a holistic approach:

Financial Education

At The Biederman Group, we help clients make more informed decisions. Our education efforts include seminars, one-on-one consultations and a wealth of materials that are available to you via e-mail or the Morgan Stanley client website.

Below you will find a selection of publications that have proven popular with our clients. If you have an area of interest not represented here, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to research various sources and send you the information you’re seeking.

Investment Philosophy

The Biederman Group employs a discretionary investment management approach that features carefully selected third party managers specializing in various asset classes and investment categories.

We’ve included a number of articles below that should enhance your understanding of our long-term, risk-conscious investment philosophy and why we believe it to be especially suitable for today’s markets.

Collaborative Process

Our disciplined approach begins with developing a comprehensive understanding of who you are, what you value and what you truly want your wealth to accomplish. Specifically, you can count on The Biederman Group to work closely with you in the following manner:

Before we make specific recommendations, we take the time to understand who you are as a person, as well as an investor, and what you really hope to achieve for yourself and your family. That means an in-depth discussion of your current finances, future objectives, attitude toward risk and other circumstances that will assist us in developing a customized plan.

We analyze your input and seek to develop a wealth management plan that contains specific recommendations designed to meet the objectives you established. Recommendations may encompass such varied disciplines as retirement planning, executive compensation issues, tax minimization, wealth transfer, and access to our Banking and Lending Services. Importantly, your plan contains a customized asset allocation based on your total finances, including accounts held at other firms.

After presenting your plan to you, we work closely with you to bring it to life. That may entail additional consultation with Morgan Stanley professionals who specialize in estate planning, lending strategies and other disciplines relevant to your situation. And it will also involve the development of an investment strategy to meet the criteria established in the Discovery phase of our process.

As you would expect, we believe that ongoing communication is a vital component of our business. We strive to keep abreast of your changing financial needs and aim to provide viable solutions to help meet them. This means constant monitoring of your plan and portfolio to make certain your assets are positioned to meet your changing circumstances, as well as fluctuating market conditions.

Meet The Biederman Group


Working closely with you to guide your wealth and investments through the most challenging market cycles.

  • Asset management
  • Traditional investments
  • Alternative Investments
  • Impact Investing


Creating customized financial strategies for the challenges that today's families face.

  • Estate Planning
  • 529 Plans / Education Planning
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Trust Services and Accounting


Working with you to understand your life goals and develop a truly personalized wealth strategy.  Today and for the years to come.

  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • IRA Plans
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Annuities

Business Planning

Partnering with you on key aspects of your business such as ownership, liquidity and developing opportunities.

  • Succession Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Retirement Plan Sponsors
  • Corporate Pension Funds


Making sure your philanthropic dollars are managed with the same best-in-class service as the rest of your wealth.

  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Impact Investing

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