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Global Investment Committee Themes

Value Opportunities Remain in Financials

Financials appear poised to benefit from synchronous global economic growth, the strongest since 2009, raising inflation expectations and re-steepening the yield curve.

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Japanese Equities: An Emerging Growth Story

Loose monetary policy and fiscal stimulus, combined with political and structural reform, may mean that Japanese equities, driven by “Abenomics” and attractively valued, present a rare opportunity after 20+ years of underperformance.

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Consider More Aggressive Cash Management

Over the past year, the Fed’s actions have driven rates over 1% inside a 2-year maturity. Investors now have the opportunity to move cash into ultrashort-term fixed income for potentially higher returns.

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Emerging Market Equities Present New Opportunities

Emerging markets underperformed the broad market since 2010, but could enter a sustained bull market.

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Neutralize Outsized Style and Factor Exposures

Companies with momentum and aggressive growth outperformed their peers over 2017. Both of these factors now appear poised for reversal. 

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Tax Reform: Opportunities in SMID Caps

Highly taxed sectors and small- and mid-cap companies may benefit disproportionately from the new tax legislation.

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Manage Risk of Rising Rates and Spread Widening: Use Credit Long/Short and Structured Credit Funds

The GIC believes interest rate normalization will most likely be a slow and measured affair, but will provide a meaningful headwind for investors using bonds for principal preservation.

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Manage Broad Global Volatility: Consider Global Macro and Managed Futures

Along with interest rate normalization, the GIC believes capital market volatility will soon normalize, potentially increasing by as much as 30% over the next three-to-five years across bonds, equities, currencies and commodities.

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Focus on Private Credit to Capture the Illiquidity Premium

Private credit markets continue to be impacted by a deleveraging banking system, financial austerity and limited non-bank sources of capital. The current supply/demand imbalance in private lending provides a reasonably rich illiquidity premium and presents attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities for patient capital.

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