Your financial life. Consolidated into one view.

With OneView from Morgan Stanley, you can simplify your financial life. When you enroll all your accounts—including investments, retirement plans, loans, bank accounts and credit cards—OneView consolidates all of your financial information into an integrated view. Available on Morgan Stanley’s client website, OneView provides you and your Financial Advisor with a boarder perspective, one that can help you make more informed decisions and better positions you to implement your wealth management strategy.

You can use OneView with your Financial Advisor to help simplify and provide a greater understanding to your financial life.

One View Offers:

  • CLARITY – OneView provides an at-a-glance view of your overall net worth as well as a summary of both sides of your personal balance sheet.  You can view all of your assets, including investments, bank accounts, insurance and retirement savings, together with liabilities such as credit cards, mortgages and loans.  If you choose, your personal assets such as real estate, jewelry and artwork can also be included in OneView—giving you a clear view of your family’s full financial picture.

  • CONVENIENCE – Many Morgan Stanley clients already understand the benefits of sharing information about accounts held at other firms with their Financial Advisor.  However, the process of manually collecting and disseminating relevant information can be labor-intensive and time-consuming.  With OneView, collection of data is automated and conducted on a daily basis.

  • SECURITY – Morgan Stanley is committed to your security and takes every measure possible to protect your personal and financial data.  Your financial data is collected and maintained with the strictest attention to security and confidentiality.  OneView’s multilayered technology features comprehensive, multifactor authentication and the strongest data encryption available.  You can also read a detailed description of the security protocols in place.

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Simplify Your Financial Life Now

OneView is conveniently available on Morgan Stanley Online – if you don’t already have a username and password, you can register before you enroll in OneView.

For clients with online account access: click “Enroll in OneView,” login with your username and password and then click the OneView link under the Portfolio tab to enroll.

For clients without online account access: register here for online account access and then click the OneView link under the Portfolio tab to enroll.